Smart Banking

Real time Notifications

Keep up with all account activity in real time, including payments, transfers, and advice. Gain insight into your flows so you can foresee your demands.

We are a financial institution that supports the underprivileged and is dedicated to giving low-income households access to flexible financial services on a long-term basis.

Safe Investments

The Better Way to Save & Invest

Hinache Microfinance Bank assists over 2 million customers in achieving their financial goals by assisting them in saving, and with ease invest With Hinache Microfinance Bank, you can use your extra cash without putting it at risk.

Similar to traditional banks, you are able to save and withdraw money. Save money and withdraw it whenever you want, with or without going into the banking hall, using any ATM.

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Financial Planning

Let's plan your finances the right way

We understand how difficult it is to start something new, which is why we have the ideal plan for you.

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